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Merck announces new COVID-19 treatment

01 Oct, 2021

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What we all agree on: Early Friday morning, biopharmaceutical company Merck announced that the drug molnupiravir “reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by approximately 50%” for COVID-19 patients in a Phase 3 trial.

The treatment involves taking a pill twice a day for five days. The company’s contract with the US government set the price of a treatment course at $700, or $70 per pill.

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What’s Happening with Emma Sarley?

28 Sep, 2021

There was an altercation at a New York dog park between Frederick Joseph and a woman. At one point, Joseph, who was at the park with his fiance, began filming the exchange. He tweeted the video on September 25. 

People following the story identified the woman as Emma Sarley.

Joseph then tagged Sarley’s employer on the thread. Sarley was terminated from her job on September 26.

Joseph posted a video commenting on the altercation and termination.
Sarley tweeted out a statement on September 28.

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Rights on Trial: Same-Sex Couples vs Catholic Agency

18 Jun, 2021

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the city of Philadelphia had placed an unlawful burden on Catholic Social Services “by putting it to the choice of curtailing its mission or approving relationships inconsistent with its beliefs.”

The decision does not address the issue of religious freedom broadly, only the specific case. Yet in the subsequent conversation, it is framed as either a triumph for religious freedom, or a tragedy for anti-discrimination. 

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