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November 10, 2021

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  • A third party in the video confirmed that Sarley told the couple to “stay in your hood.”
  • Sarley’s use of the word “hood” reveals that her reaction was borne out of racism.
  • Accountability is important and this altercation will hopefully serve as an important lesson.
  • Joseph is a journalist with a large platform who has sensationalized similar stories in the past and so his account of the event is unreliable.
  • Sarley didn’t mean to offend anyone with her comment and is being misunderstood.
  • Sarley’s employer acted rashly by firing her without any information about the full story.

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Sarley was being racist, and she was held accountable for her actions.  Companies who claim to support anti-racism should ensure their employees do as well. Everyday racism is a major problem, and a lot of people continue to defend it.  

Sarley is a victim who was unfairly punished over a misunderstanding.  A culture where unsubstantiated claims on the internet can lead to a loss of livelihood is akin to mob rule. Joseph irresponsibly used his platform to intimidate and race-bait.

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